Pay-Per-Click Advertising from AdHungry

Publishers (Website Owners)

  • Earn money from placing adverts on your website
  • Sign up and embed our code in seconds
  • Choose to display Text, Banner or Mobile ads
  • Precise statistics on clicks, impressions, earnings & more
  • Withdraw your earnings whenever you like
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  • Promote your products and services in text and ad banner formats across highly targeted websites
  • Receive high quality traffic to your website thanks to our advanced contextual, behavioural, publisher-defined and geographic ad targeting
  • It's completely up to you how much you spend
  • Concise live statistics across our network
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Publisher Features

Higher payouts than any other Pay-Per-Click advertising network

Withdraw earnings straight to your PayPal or account

Be up and running in seconds! Just embed our code on your website

Advertiser Features

Our advanced matching system brings highly targeted traffic to your website

Text, Banner & Mobile ads in all standard sizes

View how well your ads are doing with graphs & statistics on clicks, RIO & more

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Big New Updates & Features

"We are very excited to announce the introduction of many new features to our Pay-Per-Click network including flash adverts, single login for advertisers and publishers and the ability for publishers to spend their earnings on adverts..."

What is AdHungry?

AdHungry allows you as an advertiser to reach specific audiences that have expressed interest in certain categories. Using our clever system you can easily create an ad campaign that displays your advert/s across thousands of our publisher websites. Your adverts are shown only to people that are most likely to interact with your product or service i.e. make a purchase. It's so simple to use and you only pay for each visitor you receive.